Tony Freeth Informational

Technology in Shared Workspace

Tony Freeth Informational is a new project exploring the application of technology within (mainly) the shared workspace industry.

We will send you a newsletter to keep you up to date on workspace technologies like Wi-Fi, management apps, 5G, or the use of IoT.

Periodically we will published reports on strategic issues that we think the industry needs to think and act on, including “is 5G an existential threat to shared space”?

But sometimes you just need the facts or ‘How-To’. So there’s a knowledge base of resources to brief you on the best ways to tame technology.

There’s consultancy too… TFI is part of a loose knit team of advisors helping with anything from simple service challenges, procurement or training, through to full-blown strategic planning and new project management.

TFI does work pro-bono…and we’re great believers in the non-financial transaction, so just call up and chat!

Tony Freeth.


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The mission of TFI is to expand and improve the use of technology in shared workspace operations.