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Technology in Shared Workspace

Make what you have, work.


Change starts here. If your spaces are open for business, then you have already made your technology investment.


Very likely it has grown over time, and frankly, could use fresh eyes, a fine-tune, or check that it delivers your plan.


Maybe there is a recurrent problem, such as unreliability, confusing processes, or staff difficultly. If it’s wrong, let’s get it fixed.


We write a ‘How-To’ to solve for common problems. We do training in many forms and even help with recruitment. We introduce processes to bring efficiency and reliability.


And now there’s new technology such as Service Management applications that can transform your operations and improve the customer experience.


Example Skills and Knowledge Programmes

Introductions to Essential Workspace Technologies

Get the knowledge – understand your core systems

Supplier Selection, RFIs and Contract Management

Turn suppliers into partners, invested in your success

Standard Infrastructure Designs for Typical Spaces

Simple designs for creating a shared workspace

Auditing and Documenting your Assets and Business Tech

How to track the What, Where and How in your business

Customer Success by Handling the Technical Needs of your Customers

Be convincing when answering IT and Security questions


Checklists to help you sleep at night

Make it great by getting everything right