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TFI Joins Flexsa : “Fix the Future” programme

TFI is delighted to join the Flexible Space Association or Flexsa as a service partner. Flexsa is the only trade association in the UK for the flexible space industry representing both operators and also the industry's supply chain. Tony Freeth has been involved with Flexsa (and its forerunner the BCA)...

UK Connectivity Projects Hint at New Ideas of Working

Internet Connectivity changes – not faster but a different, better user experience.

Article – Planning Air Quality Systems

Covid is already accelerating new approaches to building design and management that will make people who work and live in these buildings healthier. It is also driving building owners to upgrade and retrofit existing systems. While some of these changes are critical for reopening businesses and regaining visitors, they also have long-term benefits that will protect occupants far into the future.

Warnings on Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Data Breach

HACKERS GAIN ACCESS TO UBIQUITI WI-FI CLOUD PLATFORM. OPERATORS WHO USE UBIQUITI NEED TO TAKE ACTION Ubiquiti: “Know more about your network than ever before”. TFI: “They surely didn’t mean hackers”. Many coworks and shared workspaces use Ubiquiti Wi-Fi access points. Some also use their network switches and cameras. Their…

Podcast with Jerry Alexander

Great talking with Jerry (24-Dec-20) about the technology challenges facing new commercial space developers. Go to Linkedin here or your favourite podcast service like Apple.!

Ericsson announce 100 5G Contracts

While Huawei 5G is in the news, Ericsson moves on with 100 contracts in pace and 56 live 5G networks. Updated Read more