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Report – Low Cost Sensors in Flexspace

New low-cost (£100) battery powered wireless sensors offer the prospect of monitoring workspace parameters in fine detail. This study examines the practicality of deployment for non specialists and the data generated. We look at CO2, Volatiles, comfort parameters such as temperature, humidty, light. How these measurements interact with space occupancy...

Report – Rethinking Networks for Flexspace

Rethinking the Network In this paper, we examine recent changes affecting network management in Flexspace.  That is, the technology that connects users (Wi-Fi and Switches), and the simpler way customers now use their connections. The impact on costs, operations and the viability of smaller types of Flexspace becomes clear. This...

Wellness Certification Standards and the Use of Sensors

Does your workspace meet Wellness standards? Are you interested in certification or just generally proving your place is healthy? This short report covers popular standards and examines how data from sensors is required to verify your environment. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+Report&style=classic& }}

TFI Joins Flexsa : “Fix the Future” programme

TFI is delighted to join the Flexible Space Association or Flexsa as a service partner. Flexsa is the only trade association in the UK for the flexible space industry representing both operators and also the industry's supply chain. Tony Freeth has been involved with Flexsa (and its forerunner the BCA)...

UK Connectivity Projects Hint at New Ideas of Working

Internet Connectivity changes – not faster but a different, better user experience.

Podcast with Jerry Alexander

Great talking with Jerry (24-Dec-20) about the technology challenges facing new commercial space developers. Go to Linkedin here or your favourite podcast service like Apple.!