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TFI Joins Flexsa : “Fix the Future” programme

TFI is delighted to join the Flexible Space Association or Flexsa as a service partner. Flexsa is the only trade association in the UK for the flexible space industry representing both operators and also the industry’s supply chain.

Tony Freeth has been involved with Flexsa (and its forerunner the BCA) since 2000 and TFI looks forward to participating again for the benefit of members. Trade Associations such as Flexsa, GWA and GCUC play an important role in advancing the industry and particularly in assisting new entrants to find their feet and learn from members’ collective wisdom.

Called Fix the Future As a benefit to Flexsa members, TFI is happy to provide 2 hours free advice to any Flexsa member.

Just contact us here or leave a message on +44 0203 404 4982

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August 2021

Fix the Future

TFI is offering a free ‘Fix the Future’ chat to FlexSA members. This is a chance to discuss your technology concerns with someone independent – that is, someone other than your technology suppliers!

‘The technology in-tray for Flex operators has never been fuller. Workspaces today operate on 25, even 50, different software applications ranging from CRMs to automated infrastructure to KPI reporting. Technologies such as user apps, integrated access control, sensors, roaming communications, and environmental management increasingly build better user experiences and thus your brand.

Meanwhile the very fabric of communications is being torn up, with 5G and private networks that make the old-style Internet look very simple indeed.

But today’s problems intrude. Often you just want to make what you have work better and so take the load off your staff.

A chat with TFI can just be a second opinion, help with suppliers, contracts or product selection, an audit, and even some research for your possible expansion plans.

Consultations are for an hour or so, and TFI will draft you a short consultant’s report. The time and report are given free.

“Fix the Future” offers operators a chance to discuss what’s on your mind now… and perhaps identify what should be on your mind for the future.’

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