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Technology in Shared Workspace

Article – Planning Air Quality Systems Article – Planning Air Quality Systems
Covid is already accelerating new approaches to building design and management that will make people who work and live in these buildings healthier. It... Article – Planning Air Quality Systems

Getting to grips with Air Quality technology – post pandemic

If you think that one lasting impact of the Pandemic will be a demand for better air quality in offices, then this article is a clear, calm review of the issues.

I’m not sure shared workspace buyers look for a generic “Smart” building, but some will surely look for buildings advertised as healthy and good for well-being, possibly alongside showing a good low-carbon performance. Two aspects of ESG.

To be credible, such buildings or spaces will have have active management of its air quality environment and a reporting system to communicate performance to occupier’s admins.

I’ve been asked about putting together some beta trials… let me know if you want to know more.
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